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The National Parks

The Asagny National Park
The Banco National Park
The Marine Islands
The Marahoue National Park
The Mount Peko National Park
The Comoe National Park
The Mt Sangbe National Park
The Tai National Park
Abokouamekro Animal Res. NP
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The Asagny National Park

This park is in the department of Grand-Lahou at the mouth of the river Bandama and covers 19,400 hectares. Around 60% of the park is surrounded by water and its relatively flat terrain consists   largely of marshy grassland with raffia and man­grove trees. As it is permanently underwater it acts as a refuge for a wide variety of animals such as elephants, pygmy hippos, croco­diles, royal antelopes and pan­thers. The park can be reached by road or by air, and there are many places for visitors to stay, including the hotels in Grand-Lahou and Dabou.
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Acces to the Ivorian National Park

Acces to the Ivorian National Park
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